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Gillian and Gillian MDL

ML 20743 & MDL 38

The Gillian ML (ML 20743) and Gillian MDL (MDL 38) are located approximately 8 km south-west of the Mount Garnett township, in the Mount Garnet locality, North Queensland. Gillian is approximately 116 km south-west of Cairns and can be accessed directly from the Kennedy Highway via cleared tracks.

The mineralised outcrop is a 5–10-metre-wide outcropping skarn with a 1 km strike length. Basement geology of the Gillian Project area is a roof pendent of Silurian aged Chillagoe Formation intruded by member granites of the O’Brien’s Creek Supersuite. The outcropping dimensions of the pendant are approximately 1 kilometre by 200 metres.

Previous exploration has identified a north and south ‘basin’ connected by a long narrow strip of mineralised sediment.

Initial modelling of the Gillian deposit was undertaken by Optiro in 2013 based on drilling undertaken by Consolidated Tin Mines in 2012. The MRE was updated in 2014 after additional drilling was undertaken by Consolidated Tin Mines in 2014. The CSD MRE utilised tin (Sn) as the controlling elemental parameter with Metal Equivalents (ME) calculated for iron (Fe) and fluorine (F).

A total of two elements, tin, and iron were estimated by ordinary kriging in Datamine, into the parent block sizes discussed earlier. Blocks were estimated using parameters derived from the KNA analysis. Hard boundaries were utilised between each domain. Three search passes were used to estimate all the elements.

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