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Guided by our parent company’s values, the approach we take to our activities is always done in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Taking accountability in these areas will grow stronger community confidence in our project.


Rock wallaby



We are committed to environmental protection through responsible management practices that will facilitate our Social License to Operate. Our Environment Team work closely with stakeholders including Traditional Owners, landowners, and Government departments to ensure open communication and a collaborative approach. The Environmental Management approach ensures ongoing compliance and is incorporated in all activities to effectively manage any risks and impacts identified.

The foundation of the TMG environmental stewardship is an EMS system based on ISO 14001. Within this system is contained all information and data pertaining to the environmental management of TMG assets.


The Group holds eleven Environmental Authorities across the Project and at the Port of Mourilyan.




Building and maintaining our Social License to Operate is critical for the sustainability of the business. Therefore, the relationships we build throughout the community, with a win-win approach in mind, set the company up for success. Our investments and support across the region are carefully considered and have been used to support a variety of worthy organisations throughout the community. We hire and buy local wherever we can, which shows our ongoing support for the local communities throughout the region.

We are committed to working closely with local Traditional Owners across the Project area through employment opportunities and effective cultural heritage protection. We respect the significance and connection our Traditional Owners have with their country and actively work towards a model of avoidance in our exploration programs. The TMG Tin Project is located across three main Native Title Claimant Groups:


  • Jirrbal People

  • Bar Barrum People

  • Wakaman People

Corporate planning



TMG is committed to a high level of standards and governance that ensures the sustainability of the company and creation of a culture that has integrity and ethical behaviour at its core. Our Code of Conduct clearly sets out the expectations of all people working for and on behalf of the company. The Code exists to ensure we follow the law as well as our policies, procedures and standards.

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