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Port of Mourilyan Project

TMG have previously exported iron ore from the port and currently hold an environmental authority for the storage, handling, and export of mineral commodities at Port Mourilyan. The port is the only bulk commodity port within a radius of 250 km, capable of serving the Far North Queensland region.

TMG has authorisation to store and export several bulk materials and a range of mineral concentrates at the Port of Mourilyan (PoM). The PoM is operated by Ports North and is located approximately 12 km south-east of Innisfail, Queensland.

For the purpose of storage and handling of these bulk materials at the port, a negative pressure multi-use storage shed and associated infrastructure have been considered, which would include an interconnecting covered conveyor out-loading facility. 


A Bankable Feasibility Study has been completed for the multi-use storage facility. An overview of the proposed layout is shown below.

Mourilyan Harbour
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