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Mount Bear Prospect

EPM 26618

EPM 26618 is located approximately 34 km southwest of Mount Garnet, in the Gunnawarra locality, North Queensland. EPM 26618 is approximately 145 km southwest of Cairns and can be accessed directly from the Kennedy Highway (which bisects the tenement) and via station tracks which run throughout the tenement.

The Mount Bear EPM is underexplored and requires an extensive field exploration campaign prior to any assessment of its potential being possible. Magnetics have been completed and have generated several targets but ground truthing need to be conducted.

A large continuous outcropping occurs on Barwidgi Station with a semi continuous extent of nearly 8 km. Hand samples have been taken and are awaiting analysis. Extensive mapping is required but numerous occurrences of ferricrete, goethite / hematite and some magnetite was observed.

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